Get involved

Want to lend a helping hand? Great! Here’s how.

Donate your time: We have a team of befrienders, a team of ESOL volunteers, and a core team who run the group.  Arabic speakers are especially useful!  We also use practical volunteers for decorating, building furniture, waiting in for deliveries, fixing up bicycles and so on.  If you would like to know which teams are recruiting right now, please contact us.
Whenever we need volunteers, we use our newsletter, Facebook page and local volunteer forum to advertise the roles.  Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected and follow us on Facebook.

Donate items: We put out requests via our newsletters when the refugees we support have a need.  If you would like to know what we need right now, please contact us.
Please note that we don’t take donations unless we are asking for specific items.  You can give to Horsham Matters to support local people in need, or to the Samara’s Aid Appeal to help other Syrian refugees.

Donate financially: We have used money donated to help refugee families buy things that are not covered by their scheme and have an added expense, such as laptops, dictionaries and secondary school uniform.  We also buy items to provide ‘the basics’ for young asylum seekers who arrive in the area.  Our funds are also used to buy resources (such as crafts and games) for social occasions with the families and our volunteers, or for our English conversation group sessions (such as dictophones and teaching resources).  If you would like to give a one-off donation or a regular gift, please contact us.

Tell us about your vacant property: One of the biggest challenges in this area is finding appropriate properties for refugees who come here under the VPR scheme.  If you are a landlord and wish to help, please get in contact and we can tell you more.

Support the cause: Citizens UK have an online petition to ask the Home Secretary to extend the VPR scheme beyond 2020 so that the UK can help more refugees; please sign to pledge your support.  Take time to find out about Safe Passage, Citizens UK’s campaign to persuade government to do more for refugees, including the Dubs Scheme.  They are asking for us to write to our MPs to persuade them to keep the Dubs Scheme open after Brexit, continuing to allow refugees to be legally reunited with family members here in the UK.