Donate Items

Donate Goods

We put out requests via our newsletters when the refugees we support have a need.

We currently need:

Household items

We are looking for:

  • Mobile phones and/or SIM cards*
  • a television
  • DVD player
  • TV stand
  • Microwave
  • Male adult bike

Children’s items


We would love to provide toys and art supplies for the new arrivals (One boy, aged 5 , and  girl aged 3


We like to provide new families with Arabic/English dual language picture books to read with their children. These are readily available on Amazon and we have a list of suggestions if needed.


We need :

  • bike for a girl aged 6
  • bike for a girl aged 6
  • bike locks


Please note that we don’t take donations unless we are asking for specific items.  You can give to Horsham Matters to support local people in need, or to the Samara’s Aid Appeal to help other Syrian refugees.