Horsham Refugee Support Group

Horsham Refugee Support Group is a group of volunteers that want to support refugees arriving in Horsham, in particular those being resettled in the area through the government’s Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme for Syrian Nationals.

The conflict in Syria has had a great deal of impact on the people who used to live in the area, creating millions of refugees and displacing over 7 million people within Syria. The UK government opened the VPR scheme in 2014 to receive and resettle 20,000 refugees, with a deadline of May 2020. The task of helping refugees settle has been given to local councils, with financial support from the government.

West Sussex County Council has committed to resettling 240 refugees within this time period. These new arrivals will be spread over the seven districts, including Horsham, so the reality is that each district will receive two families per year. Our group works alongside West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council as a voluntary sector partner in the resettlement team, demonstrating the willingness of our community to welcome these vulnerable individuals with open arms.